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  • How is «» different from other online entertainment resources?

    There are all kinds of entertainment portals available online, and they are called on to entertain visitors, and only «» is willing to share with its users – anyone can make views: you earn views by simply surfing the site and rating the publications you like.  Neither do we forget about the authors of publications – the more and better publications you have – the more you make.

  • How to start earning?

    Very simple.  First of all, you need to register.  Just for registering, you receive 2500 views.  Then: for every rated post – you get an additional view.  And, finally, publish your own materials! 50% of all daily views are distributed among the authors of publications, depending on their rating and the number of views earned.

  • What to do with earned views?

    Views can be sold at an auction, can be used to pay for viewing paid content and, finally, can be used to purchase the VIP-privileges!

  • What will happen if someone adds an identical publication?

    If receives notifications of repetitive content (1% of views or at least 5 notifications), the doubled publication is hidden from views. Repetitive content notifications may report instances when two or more users have published the identical material.  In that case, of the two identical posts the one that was uploaded to the website later - will be deleted.  If the author of the deleted post will be able to prove his/her authorship rights (by e-mail), or the fact that his/her publication was, indeed, published first, then the decision is made in his/her favor.  If you find identical posts, please report their numbers to us.  We will delete repetitive content and «» will be a neater place!

  • Can views be transferred from one account to another?

    Yes, they can.  To do that, you need to have the e-mail for the account, to which you wish to transfer the views.  A small processing charge is withheld at each transaction.

  • Are there limitations to the size or number of publications?

    There is no limitation in number of posts.  There are limitations on content and size.  And the more your publications are liked by users, the more you earn.  The size is limited – images should not exceed the size of 250 Kb, they should come in the .gif, .jpg, or .png format, and should not contain HTML tags of scripts.

  • What to do if a publication does not fit any of the existing sections?

    If your publication does not match any of the existing sections – then please post it to the “miscellaneous” section.  And if you strongly feel that there needs to be a new section added – let us know, we’ll consider it.

  • Do ratings affect my earnings?

    Absolutely!  The more interesting your publications get – the higher are their ratings, the more views they get at daily views distributions.

  • Where to get materials for publications?

    It is best to publish your own materials, to compose, paint, draw, photograph and such.  If you are not able to create original content – it is absolutely prohibited to borrow materials from public resources.  IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO PUBLISH MATERIALS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

  • What can not be published?

    Unlawful materials: erotic images of minors, materials promoting racial hatred, etc.

  • What is the average-weighted rating?

    The average rating of a publication may not be considered accurate before some statistics are collected.  This is why we use an average-weighted rating.
    The average-weighted rating for a publication may be calculated if at least five users have voted.  In all other cases, the rating indicator will be left at 0.

    WR = (v/(v+m))*R + (m/(v+m))*C , where

    • WR—average-weighted rating;
    • m—a constant, which depends on the average quantity of ratings for publications in a given section;
    • Ń—is the average rating for publications in a given section;
    • v—the number of ratings per publication;
    • R—the average rating of publication.
  •  Why does the first page take so long to load?

    For registered users – out of the multitude of available publications, the system selects the highly rated items still unviewed by him/her.

  • What privileges do VIP users have?

    The VIP-users gain access to the MOST interesting sections of the website, possess additional privileges, have access to the latest services and options, are the preferred visitors at traffic peaks, and on top of it, they are not shown any advertisement.  The VIP privileges are paid for, with either monthly or annual payments.  By once paying for your VIP-privileges you immediately gain access to all of the offered services, as well as the ones to be introduces in the future.  VIP-privileges can be paid for in views or in money.

  • Why pictures do not appear in publications?

    The most plausible reason behind this problem is that your proxy server cuts out the advertisement and for some reason, considers the images at "" to be advertisements. Contact your provider or system administrator to resolve this issue.

  • Views for the previous day have to been added to may account! Why is that?

    It does happen sometimes, but your views will be credited to your account at next calculation.

  • Can I rate my own publications?

    Yes, you can, but only once.  We have nothing against authors highly rating their own publications – after all, they are the ones who thought them worth publishing.  But if someone has taken to artificially stimulate the rating of his/her publications (create fake users and such) then we will be forced to take actions to stop such behavior.  The account will be immediately identified and the author will be put onto our blacklist.

  • How do publications end up at the homepage?

    The homepages are generated automatically and include the highest rated publications.  However, if you select the “show new” option, - the old publications you have already seen (regardless of their rating), will not be shown to you at the homepage, they will only be shown to those, who have not yet seen them.

  • What should I do in order to have the maximum people view my publication?

    One of the options is to post links to your publications in forums. This may lead to 3 to 5 thousand of additional views of your publication per day!  Here is a short list of the most popular forums:

    Please carefully read the forum rules and refrain from braking them, and remember: no spam allowed!
    Create your own blog and publish links to your entries there: