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We understand, that we can not describe every possible situation, so we will try to present a sample publishing scheme.
Moreover, please take into account that if a publication is at the borderline of two sections and the publisher makes one publication choice and the administrator disagrees, the publication may be moved to a different section without any explanations given.
Please keep in mind that is a private website and we would like to avoid any confusion in the future.

1. Check to see if you publication is listed as prohibited at

a) pedophilia, child pornography, or ANY photos of undressed children (it is absolutely evident that the model is below 18)
b ) zoophilia, necrophilia in any shape or form;
c ) any materials prohibited by the legislation of USA;
d ) materials unfit for an entertainment resource (bloody scenes, dead bodies, violence)
f ) Copyright materials, logotypes and website names
g ) publications at that may breach the authorship rights

Such entries are PROHIBITED for publication.  You risk to not only lose your account (it will be immediately removed), but in certain cases, we have the materials handed to corresponding administrative bodies.

2. General recommendations:


a) Using obscene language in the Humor section is highly unadvisable.  However, if the fun is lost with the language – please publish ONLY under the category “Humor>Humor with obscene language” and in its subsections;

b ) Only very lightly erotic caricatures may be posted here.  But generally, erotic caricatures should be posted at “Erotica>Comics and pictures”;


a) If your publications is a bit more “hard-core” than just the innocent erotica, then it MUST be published in one of the closed sections.  In the list of categories, these sections are marked with an asterisk (*);

b ) If at lease one of the images depicts copulation, aroused penis or a vagina – the post should go into one of the XXX sections;

c ) If you can not find an appropriate section in the «Erotica» section, please to « Erotica > Photo» - it has many more sub-sections;

d ) In the «Erotica-private with proof» section we EXCLUSIVELY accept entries the authorship of which you can prove. All other publications can be posted in the “Erotica” and “Erotica-private” sections, respectively. You can learn more about the private with proof section here

3. About specific sections:

a ) XXX and erotic comics and drawing ONLY in the «Erotica > Comics and drawings» section;

b ) It is not recommended to post erotic content to the «Humor > Caricatures» section;

c )

1. If the publication includes AT LEAST ONE image depicting genitals (not just a naked body, but its “truncated” part, when neither the head nor the shoulders are visible, or if the focus of the photo is on genitals and the head and neck are not in focus) then the entry MUST BE POSTED to «Erotica > Close up»

. Also, if the image is of such big size, that at resolution of 800x600 the screen shows just the genital, without head or shoulders – the entry should be published at «Erotica > Close up».

3. Also, administration may wish to move to the«Erotica > Close up» section any images containing close-ups of genitals, which are additionally exposed using fingers, or with the help of any third objects, or if a finger is put inside the vagina;

d) If pictures only contain images of women (with the exception of pictures where they do not touch one another and just post without any sexual connotation), they should be published in:

  1. «Erotica > Girl+ Girl»;
  2. «Erotica > photo > Girls with toys (XXX)»; (under toys we understand sex-toys, such as vibrators and such)
  3. «Erotica > XXX > For women»;

e) Post images containing only men under «Erotica > XXX > for gays»;

f) Post erotic videos under::
  1. «Erotica > Video»;
  2. «Erotica > Video > XXX»;
  3. «Erotica –private with proof > Video»;
  4. « Erotic -unusual > Video»;
  5. «Celebrities > Video»;

g) Section «Erotica - unusual > Shocking» contains all erotic content that is not favored by the general public (pierced genitals, transvestites, pissing girls and such)
We do not like this section very much, but it seems to have many fans and stays intact for now.

h) If your publication contains a link to any other resource on the Internet (only links without parameters are allowed) then post it ONLY under «Miscellaneous > Cool stuff in the Internet»

i) If your entry contains a photo of a famous erotic/porno model, it CAN NOT be filed under «Erotica > Amateur»

4. About Videos.

a) We have a standard WinXP SP1codec selection
  + QuickTime
  + suite of 'K-Lite codec pack 2.20', contaiing:
- DivX Pro [version 5.1.1] [Decoding]
- XviD [24/June/2003] [Decoding]
- 3ivx [version D4 4.5] [Decoding]
- Windows Media 7 [version]
- Windows Media 8 [version]
- Windows Media 9 VCM [version]
- Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 DirectShow decoder [version]
- Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 ACM Codec [version]
- WMA DirectShow decoder [version]
- AC3 DirectShow decoder [version 0.70b]
- DirectVobSub (vsfilter) [version 2.31]
- GSpot Codec Information Appliance [version 2.21 build 030711]
We think that the majority of users have a similar selection, or a limited version of it.  Which is why if your video will not play – we delete it for the reason of using an unpopular codec.

b) Archived video files are PROHIBITED.  No comment.

5. List of basic sections with comments

Humor:  How about your sense of humor?  Have you got one?  Then please, post your favorite jokes, aphorisms, and cool stories here.

Pictures: This is the place to post any pictures of non-sexual content, which are non-the-less fun, amusing and original.

Erotica: In this section we welcome you to post all kinds of materials about THAT: photographs, stories, jokes, links to online recourses – everything erotic that you find worth sharing.

Erotica-closeup: This section contains all publications with closeup images of any parts of human body (generally it is generals)

Erotica private with proof: In this section we offer to post your private stories and photographs of erotic content, that is the material of which you are the author of, or the are depicted in.  You will be asked to provide proof!

Erotica-amateur: Looking at the photos in this section you will not have to guess twice that the authors are amateurs.  Non-professional quality, home interiors, scattered personal belongings.

Problems: You know any non-trivial puzzles or interesting logical problems?  Then post the in this section!

Celebrities: Here, you can post images of your favorite celebrities or make everyone laugh at funny photos of famous people

Miscellaneous: This section – is a potpourri of interesting stories, facts, recipes, links to cool Internet-resources.  Came across any cool information that you’d like to share with friends?  Post it here!

Creative: Are you an artist? Want to share your creations with the world?  Here, you can post more than just your poetry, painting, but also post your favorite pieces by your favorite authors.  Share your opinions here, new ideas and more!